Board of Directors

In general, the duties and authority of the Board of Directors are to be fully responsible for the implementation of the management of the Company, to manage the Company in accordance with the authority and responsibilities stipulated in the Articles of Association and relevant legislation, to implement risk management and the principles of Good Corporate Covernance in all business activities of the Company .

The Board of Directors currently consists of 1 (one) President Director, and four (4) Directors where one of them is an Independent Director.

The composition of Board of Directors are as follows:

  • President Director: Tan Lie Pin
  • Director: Andry Ryanto
  • Director: Rukmono Cahyadi
  • Director: Meijati Jawidjaja
  • Independent Director: Gatot Bekti Haryono

The board meetings can be held at any time, having regard to the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Company, and according to regulation of OJK, the board meetings were held at least 12 times a year.

In order to support the implementation of duties of the Board of Directors effectively, the Company has made an allocation of tasks among the members of the Board of Directors. This task allocation is based on the expertise and experience of each Director which aims to support the decision-making process more precise and quick.

President Director Tan Lie Pin is responsible for coordinating all activities of the Company’s operation and business segments. Director Andry Rianto is responsible for coordinating sales and marketing activities in branches throughout Indonesia. Director Rukmono Cahyadi is responsible for the coordination of business development including coordination with the operators. Independent Director Meijaty Jawidjaja is responsible for the management and the Company’s accounting and financial system.