Since its establishment in 2008 until now, we have developed into a modern retail company with a growing number of employees each year. We believe that human resources are the most important asset. They are the spearhead in achieving the Company’s vision and mission.

Therefore, we consider human resources that are reliable and with a certain quality are needed to achieve the objectives of the Company as a world-class distribution company. Most of the human resources in the Company have served several years with the Company and their quality is very important as good quality human resources is the Company’s spearhead in serving customers.


As an important asset, the Company routinely provides training and development programs for human resources, so that they can continue to improve their knowledge and experience. This is because the mobile phone industry is an industry that is growing very rapidly, hence the human resources need to continue to learn and adapt quickly to industry developments and customer needs.

All human resources in the Company have equal opportunities to develop and achieve the highest achievement and demonstrate potential as Company assets through healthy competition.

Some of the trainings  include retail management training, service center technical training, customer service training, information technology training, stock exchange regulatory provision training and other management training.


To appreciate the contributions made by the human resources, the Company rewards them. In addition to salaries, allowances and other facilities. The Company also gives rewards to human resources who have achieved and demonstrated high loyalty to the Company, in the form of bonuses, education and training as well as other facilities that are tailored to the performance of employees.