We are also engaged in the distribution and production of mobile phones. For mobile phone distribution, the Company has been working closely with global vendors, including Samsung, LG, iPhone, Nokia, Sony, HTC and BlackBerry. In 2013, we have made the acquisition of a distributor of Apple and Samsung, which made the Company the key player for the distribution of smartphones in Indonesia. 

In addition, we also manufacture mobile phones of Tiphone brand in China under the specifications and quality standards prescribed by the Company. To avoid the risk of dependency, we don't  have exclusivity agreements with certain suppliers. In addition to Tiphone brand, we also distribute and trade other mobile phones of various brands.

The competitive side of China mobile phone brand Tiphone is in its features, models and affordable price as well as after-sales service support. All Tiphone mobile phones are certified by the Director of Standardization a.n. Director General of Post and Telecommunication, Ministry of Communication and Information and are equipped with manual in Indonesian language.